Calendar of Assignments for 8/17 through 8/21 (week 1)





Introduction to Rubicon Schedules / Planners

Paperwork (School & Academy)


S, T, E, M

HANDOUT Math & Science Binder of Doom

Online Math Textbook

HANDOUT Math-Science Course Outline

Intro to Computers



S Block / T Block

Score your day

Team Jobs

Math Diagnostic


HANDOUT Student Handbook Scavenger Hunt

Click here for answers to the study guide


E Block / M Block

HW Check

HANDOUT Life Science Course Overview

Popcorn Read 1.1

HANDOUT A Tale Told by Tracks

If time… what are the four parts to build a program?


Handbook Quiz Today


S, T, E, M


HW Check

“Hour of Code”


HANDOUT Lab Safety Equipment

HANDOUT Lab Safety Regulations (highlight unknown words)

POWERPOINT – Lab Equipment Labels


Academy Mixer?


1) Math & Science Binder of Doom Due Friday

2) All Parent Signatures are Due Thursday

3) Study for Handbook Quiz (Thurs.)


*If we get 99% of all the paperwork signed by Thursday, then Friday AR turns into an academy mixer.

What if you can’t remember exactly what you need to get signed? Here’s the complete list:

  • Rubicon Academy Cover Sheet
  • Emergency Card
  • Academic Integrity Policy FRONT SIDE
  • Academic Integrity Policy BACK SIDE
  • Health Insurance
  • Technology Agreement
  • Annual Parent Notice

Same as yesterday AND3) Login to your Math Textbook online: Chapter 1 (Pg. 5) #3 Mathography Letter Due Friday

4) CC2 Chapter 1 (Pg. 6) #4, #5, #6 due Friday.

How to correct #4-6


Everything assigned yesterday AND

1) Do #2-5 on A Tale Told by Tracks – Due tomorrow

2) Read the directions and leave a comment on the Science “1st Week” page.

Don’t forget:

–Binder of Doom due tomorrow too!





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