An Excavation of Time

Research Resources

Your Science Textbook: All of Chapter 8

National Geographic Prehistoric Timeline (An excellent resource with pictures and text on each time period. You will need to set up a free account. Make sure to click on your period to see lots more information!)

Visit the GOMS Library Website (see all the links that our librarian, Ms. Mangels, has put together to help you with your project.)

UC Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology (Wow! Make sure you check out this resource. The timeline is easy to read. When you click on your chosen period, the website shows lots of great information related to your project.)

The Google Slide Deck with lots of images, videos, and notes we worked through all week this week – you can find it linked on the Science Weekly Agenda

Google. But make sure you check to confirm what KIND of site the information is coming from. University? Good. Someone’s personal blog. No. Just, no.