Balancing Equations

Step 1

We will do 1 problem together. Click on this website and wait for Ms. Bryant to show you what’s next:

Solving 1-step and 2-step Equations with Tiles and a Balance – Choose “1-Step Equations”

Step 2

Solve 4 more problems on your own from the same website. BUILD IT! DRAW IT! RECORD IT!

Make sure you have completed at least 5 problems on paper, including the one we did together. After you’ve recorded 5 problems on paper, you can continue solving problems without writing them down.

Step 3

Next, go back to “Main” and choose “2-Step Equations.” These are tough! See if you can figure out at least 3 of them. You do not need to record your work on your paper.


Step 4

Almost done! Leave a comment for me on this page. Please answer these questions:

1) Did you find the website helpful?

2) Do you feel like you ‘get it’?  Are you still totally confused? Or maybe just a little confused?

3) Is Ms. Bryant the best math teacher in the whole entire universe?

Step 5

Let’s do a good deed and donate some rice! For every math problem you correctly solve, this company will donate 10 grains of rice to feed to hungry all around the world:


***OPTIONAL website you can visit for more math help***

Solving Equations with NEGATIVES and when the Variable is on BOTH sides of the Equal Sign